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Our company offers a range of healing services that are tailored to fit your needs by our amazing and professional team. Call us now or fill our our contact form for a free assesment of your needs!

Reiki Sunshine Coast

REIKI On The sunshine coast

Our company is the best in the business when it comes to reiki on the sunshine coast. 

We offer an extensive range of top notch treatments that help with whatever issues you may be experiencing in your life, from managing stress, anxiety and depression to moving you further along the road of spiritual growth. We understand that reiki is almost completely unexplored by the general public so we ensure to take our time with our customers to make sure the feel extremely comfortable. The flexibility that we operate with allows for you to get in contact with us whenever you need, we are always open for new bookings and would be delighted to speak with you over the phone or via our contact form.

We are the number one best choice for everything and anything reiki. If you are in search of professional reiki healers that you can actually trust, then look no further! We are extremely reputable and well sought after for our professional and high quality services. We here at reiki sunshine coast know that it can be hard to put your faith into a company that you have never utilized before, this is why we help you with every step of your healing process, from the early beginnings discussing your concerns to providing you with a free assessment on what is best for your specific situation, ensuring that you leave us feeling fully satisfied with our service, at reiki sunshine coast.

Our highly skilled team of reiki healers with work in sync to achieve a result that changes your life for the better in the most positive way we can, turning you into the person you choose to be! You can always rest assure that our reiki healers will create an outcome most favourable through the use of the best reiki on the sunshine coast that will leave you feeling refreshed and enlightened in whatever situation you may be facing!

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Through our treatments we focus deeply on the healing of any issues you may be facing in life or with your health.


Our main focus is and always will be delivering the best quality reiki on the Sunshine Coast.


Enforcing the practice of healthy living through mind, body and soul we teach and guide you towards the highest form of welness possible.


The main purpose of all energy healing is to assist in propelling you to the higher level of yourself that you want to achieve.


This is where we focus on the benefits reiki can create for you personally, along with documenting where it has helped others in the past.


Detailed information regarding how to learn reiki is something we want to make readily available for everyone with an interest, here is where you find it.



Stress is something that affects everyone at some point in their lives whether it be at work or from home. We work hard to remove the pressure it causes through our reiki treatments.


Anxiety can be debilitating and stop you from living the life you truly want to live, confining you. We try our best to eliminate it as much as possible by setting you on the right path through our reiki treatment.


Depression is something that feels impossible to escape when you are experiencing it. We give our best efforts to help calm your mind and soul through our reiki treatments.


Negative emotion comes in many different forms, whether it be from a past breakup to not being able to spend time with the people you hold closest in life. Our reiki on the sunshine coast treatments try to console and transform this negativity into something much more positive.


Physical pain can be caused by so many different things, which is why we try to console your body to come back intune with your mind once more for a favourable outcome, through our reiki treatment.


Trauma can be very unique from person to person. On one hand it could be the loss of a close loved one and on the other it could be trying to deal with the grasp of abuse. We try our upmost to eliviate and enlighten you from your situation with our reiki treatments.

What Our Clients Say about us

Amazing work! Thankyou once again for helping bring me back to the old me. I haven't felt this intune with myself for a long time. Highly recommend to anyone searching for answers!
(Reiki Sunshine Coast)
Freya Sanz
I was always skeptical of natural practices like reiki for the most part of my life. Now I can say with full certainty that I completley misjudged it, I'm glad I was persuaded to finally come in.
(Reiki Sunshine Coast)
Mark Hanson
After having my first child I was so unready for the issues my body would face. The team helped me with every aspect of my recovery and I can safely say I have never felt better! : )
(Reiki Sunshine Coast)
Diana Burnwood